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    Custom Grooming for Your Special Pet

    At POOCHIES Mobile Pet Salon, I understand that all dogs are different and have different needs. The cozy space of the mobile salon allows me to offer a private, secure environment free of cages, barking dogs and interaction with distracting noise. That means time and special care for all dogs: puppies, elderly dogs, nervous dogs, dogs with health problems, and yours!

    Services Include:

    • AKC All breed styles. Custom styles for mixed breeds

    • Super-sudsy warm water bath and conditioning

    • Soft-towel full body massage
    • Hand fluff drying

    • Footpads trimmed for cleanliness and to prevent infection

    • Nail care, trimmed and smoothed for comfort

    • Ear care

    • Deshedding

    • Dematting

    Pricing and Samples

    Grooming - Prices vary depending on the size, weight, breed, condition of coat, and temperament.


    Big Boy/Big Girl bath and nails

    60-80 lb



    $15.00 mobile fee per visit


    NYS sales tax

    Price includes a complete groom, mobile fee, plus tax. Cash, check, or credit card accepted.

    Hours: Weekdays 9-4.

    Whether your poodle needs a puppy cut, or your pooch needs special attention, call us and we will be there!

    Contact by e-mail.

    Brown Dog Close Up

    Brown and White Dog

    Not currently accepting clients, I am fully booked through December 2017

    Rabies certificate required for each customer.
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